Importance of Digital Marketing

How often does your favorite celebrity post on Instagram? Some would say maybe 3-4 times a week. Well on average the celebrities with the most followers actually post about 1-2 times a day! Of course, every social media outlet is different. Facebook suggests a post about once a day. Twitter, moving way faster than most, recommends 15 tweets per day. Why is that exactly?

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Why do celebrities and big name brands post so much on social media? The short answer is it keeps people engaged with them and their content. Staying connected and not falling off the face of the earth. Is it really important for the local businesses of Helena to be active online?

Surprisingly… Yes! The Internet is an ever-growing platform for everyone. Instagram has over 1 billion active users as of June 2018. Facebook had 2.27 billion active users in the third quarter of 2018. That is a lot of people…. So maybe try casting a net into that sea of potential clients?

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We understand that Twitter is not as readily used as Facebook or Instagram in Montana, so putting your ads where they matter is a huge deal. Will newspapers and phone books always be around to advertise in? No. When was the last time you looked in a phone book? It’s a fact of life that people are becoming more online oriented. So maybe, as business owners and entrepreneurs, we should follow the crowd.


Here at amp406, we focus on exactly that, the digital side of marketing. Running a business is time-consuming and hard! Posting once a day every day is just one more thing to stress about in your busy life. We make sure your online presence is regular so you keep engaged with your clients.


Having very little time to run a social media account makes it hard to try to reach out where everyone is. Facebook and Instagram are thriving so jump on the bandwagon and expand your business. Contact us: (406)439-7778 or Email



Learn to be a Digital Marketer

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Your Helena Videographer

Video creation, or film-making, is less about your camera and more about the editing side. The video editing is really what makes you or breaks you as a videographer. Nowadays, the new iPhones shoot video in 4K and a guy can get a cheap tripod and start shooting really great videos with the camera on their phone. But I now see the bulk of your time is really spent in a shoe box of a room on a laptop or PC, editing all the video you have down to something people want to see.

Just a side note, I’ll give you a link to the video editing software I use just in case you want to give video editing a try and want to get something easy-to-use/ easy-to-learn. Use this link here called movavi.

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The hours that go into a 30 sec commercial is staggering, 20 to 40 hours, sometimes more, depending on what is needed. This does not include the shoot time or sketching up a set outline (which really does not take that long) or a voice-over outline and recording which, in a controlled environment, takes only about an hour. It does add up. But done right, it is so worth it. Yes, 20 to 40 hours sometimes just sitting in front of a computer editing, animating, adding sound effects, music, knowing you will have to revise it the second your customer has a chance to see it…is a little disheartening.  But video work is not for the weak.

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So, why use Amp 406 for your video needs? Because we are willing to put in the long hours and we are easy to get a hold of for those off-the-cuff ideas you may have at all hours of the day. Those are sometimes the best ideas. You can always shoot me an email at or call me at 406-439-7778. I try to respond within a few hours, but most of the time within a few minuets. This personal response is what sets Amp 406 apart from my competitors that will over charge and wont give you the time of day.

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Lets tell your story the way you want, through video. Call Amp 406 today and lets get started.

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