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Video creation, or film-making, is less about your camera and more about the editing side. The video editing is really what makes you or breaks you as a videographer. Nowadays, the new iPhones shoot video in 4K and a guy can get a cheap tripod and start shooting really great videos with the camera on their phone. But I now see the bulk of your time is really spent in a shoe box of a room on a laptop or PC, editing all the video you have down to something people want to see.

Just a side note, I’ll give you a link to the video editing software I use just in case you want to give video editing a try and want to get something easy-to-use/ easy-to-learn. Use this link here called movavi.

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The hours that go into a 30 sec commercial is staggering, 20 to 40 hours, sometimes more, depending on what is needed. This does not include the shoot time or sketching up a set outline (which really does not take that long) or a voice-over outline and recording which, in a controlled environment, takes only about an hour. It does add up. But done right, it is so worth it. Yes, 20 to 40 hours sometimes just sitting in front of a computer editing, animating, adding sound effects, music, knowing you will have to revise it the second your customer has a chance to see it…is a little disheartening.  But video work is not for the weak.

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So, why use Amp 406 for your video needs? Because we are willing to put in the long hours and we are easy to get a hold of for those off-the-cuff ideas you may have at all hours of the day. Those are sometimes the best ideas. You can always shoot me an email at or call me at 406-439-7778. I try to respond within a few hours, but most of the time within a few minuets. This personal response is what sets Amp 406 apart from my competitors that will over charge and wont give you the time of day.

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