The Best Software to make your own Videos

You may have heard the term, ‘content is king’, and the number one consumed content on the web today is video. So it stands to reason that you either need to buy your own equipment and software or hire someone who makes great videos, like my company I create videos for businesses that start at $150 and up. Some of the more expensive videos I have done, they bought all rights and have asked me not to share it on my examples.. which is a bummer because some of them you may have seen on TV.

But for all of you DIY people, you may want to make your own! The software I use, I am an affiliate for, and can sell it to you. This is awesome because it does not cost you any more to buy from me and I get to make a small percentage. So for you who want to make your own, it is a win-win. Visit the website now! And get this software to start making your own high quality videos!

Some people are asking me what I use to edit my videos, so I figured I would share this with you. I do all my editing with a program called movavi. I will admit, it is not as powerful as Adobe Premier Pro, but it’s simple and straight forward. Usability far outweighs what it lacks in other areas. It is the go-to program I use almost every day. If you need to see some examples, check out some of my You Tube videos!

Forgive this one’s sound quality. We shot it in an empty board room and it was a little echoey.

Visit the website now! And get this software today and start making your own high quality videos today!