Start A Drop Ship Business

Drop shipping is a way to make money, with out any over head stock. But it still takes money and a mind for detail. It is not hard to get into but it can be hard to get good wholesale prices to make it worth doing as a full time job. I’ll try and get you to some sites that will get you started. If you approach it like you would if you were opening a store and now you need to put things in it that match your theme you will do better than trying to sell everything. Find you niche and rock it! Now you can use amazon and eBay to get started along with AliExpress. With AliExpress you can sell stuff from this site on eBay. The site I recommend is salehoo use my link here and get access to wholesale prices if you sign up and get discounted prices. So the benefits of doing it through salehoo is the discount on the products you can turn around and mark up.


Personally, I think drop shipping is a pain in the butt. It can make money but I feel there are just easier ways to go about it. But I do like getting wholesale prices on stuff, so for that reason I am really excited about using and showing people this link.