5 Reasons Every Small Business Owner Should Blog

Nowadays, it is essential for every small business to have a prominent web presence so as to be successful, also the older means of advertising such as newspaper; radio, yellow page and many more are no longer effective. Many consumers as well as clients are turning to the internet in order to make buying decisions.

Not long ago, the web presence was accomplished by setting up a website and utilizing it as a kind of online brochure. The website is a place most people visit in order to find out the history of any business, carry out research, get location and sometimes make online sales. Some people see it as being costly and hard to maintain because most traditional website needs a programmer to make necessary updates. The traditional website was launched and remains unchanged, year after year, and are usually found on the 4th or 5th page of the search results.

After this, the blog make an outstanding move into the web world in 1997. The word blog means “web log” and are used initially as simple, easy to use online journals. The posts are presented in a definite order with the most recent one at the top. The blogs were used at the beginning as personal platforms to share opinions, thoughts and sometimes resources which are in form of links. Later in the year 1999, most companies and software developers created tools and software that made the usage easy and business friendly and the rate at which people use them skyrocketed from few thousands to hundreds of million.

Majority of the small and medium business owners abandoned their traditional means (the use of HTML which involves using “language” codes) and started using blog. At this time, they have evolved from series of journal entries to full grown website with multiple pages, amazing features as well as the ability to engage and interact with the reader. Recently, eMarketers carried out a survey and found out that more than 150 million people read blogs in the United States alone. Bloggers who also have unique skills which distinguish them also have an authority on different subject matters and greatly influence buying decisions. Also Technorati claimed that a trusted blog greatly influence the buying decision of about 31.1% of consumers. What a great opportunity.

Most people that own small business think that branding and promoting their business will cost them a lot of money. Most of them are financially weak and look for cheaper alternatives that will make a lot of impact. By maintaining a good website with quality blogs, you stand a chance to promote your business and also save cost.

Also many business owners have blogs which are inactive and this can greatly affect the rate of business growth. Also blogging needs a lot of commitment in time and thought and there is need to do it in the right way. Only few business owners maintain their blog because of the challenges associated with it and this is relatively low. The challenges include finding a good writer, knowing how frequent to post, deciding what to write about, and distributing contents and so on. But if this is done in the right way, it will contribute a lot of benefits to startups and small business owners.

A blog add great value to internet marketing strategy, and also enhances the engagement and interaction with customers. It is however important discuss why you should consider having a blog on your website.

1. It provides Cheap Customer Acquisition

The survey conducted by Hubspot on 644 different business executives on the advantages of business blogging revealed that:

  • Business owners who utilize pay-per-click advertising (PPC), direct mail, trade, and telemarketing shows average lead costs of $373.
  • Business owners that are using blog generate their own leads at an average cost of $143 per lead.
  • Most business owners are reducing the amount of money they spend on telemarketing and direct mail.
  • More people are utilizing blogging as well as inbound marketing.

2. It Increases Subscribers As Well As Website Traffic

Your blog provide a great opportunity for you to create and present relevant contents for your customers. This can serve as a marketing tactics to drive traffic to your website and increase sales. This blog should be the foundation of all your social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Post Links with information that are relevant to your social sites. This will give your social media followers a good reason to visit your website. Also, it is crucial to post inbound links in your blog article so as to drive traffic to your website.

When you blog consistently, you will be able to increase traffic to your website which will lead to increase in page views and the exposure of the business.

3. It Increases Sales

A small business and social media consultant, Marcus Sheriden, said “If you stayed around the barber’s shop for a long time, you’ll get your hair cut.” People will likewise become your customers if they spend enough time on your website. You have to post contents that are valuable to your customers to make them stay on your web page. You will start to see a lot of conversation when you do this.

4. It Build Brand Awareness

Blogging is a very cheap approach to creating awareness for your brand online. Whenever you create a blog that provides a great value to other business in the same industry, other websites and blogs will link to you thereby sharing your contents on social media networks and also create a lot of exposure for your business.

You will also be able to show personal side of your business with the aid of blog posting and it also provides a sense of vision, corporate standards and personality for your company.

5. It increases SEO

You get a great chance to increase your SEO ranking with blogging. A key component to beating your competitors is fresh contents in the result page of the search engine. Make sure you use keywords in your article and also enlist the topics as well as places where your business can be found. The enlisted keyword should be used when writing your posts.

The keywords are crucial because Goggle and other search engine will use them to find your site. Blogging is however a cheap way to create brand awareness, sales, customer acquisition and many more. Include blogging in your marketing campaign and you will realize a great increase in traffic, customers, as well as sales.