Here are seven reasons why it is important to visualize your goal.

1. Motivation – When you visualize your goal you will
increase your motivation levels. It is easier to go after a goal that you picture in your mind consistently. The picture that you keep in your mind’s eye propels you towards
achieving your goal.

Motivation happens automatically when you use visualization on a regular basis. Every time you picture yourself hitting your goal you reinforce the importance of it coming to fruition. You begin to make
Achieving your goal is easier when you can picture the desired result in your mind before you succeed.

We tend to get what we focus on.

2. Expectancy – Like a child before Christmas day you will increase your expectancy when you visualize your goal. It becomes real to you. In time you will come to believe that you will achieve your goal if you continue to do the work. The picture that you hold in your mind will excite you like a carrot on a stick in front of a donkey.
3. Persistence – Visualization of your goal helps you to persist in spite of tremendous odds and setbacks. When you visualize your desired objective as already accomplished your goal becomes more important than the struggle. Then you will persist regardless of the obstacles that you face.
4. Consistency – It is vital that you maintain a consistent effort in order to succeed at hitting your goals. You will
It is vital that you maintain a consistent effort in order to succeed at hitting your goals

“Visualization of your goal helps you to persist in spite of tremendous odds and setbacks”
remain consistent when you have a mental picture of what you want. Visualization helps you to feel excited about your goal. When you are excited about achieving a milestone then you will be motivated to do what it takes to bring it about in your life.
No matter what you face in your journey towards achieving your goal you will have a easier time overcoming setbacks when you have a clear picture in mind of what the end result is going to be. You can remain consistent and persistent if you visualize the successful accomplishment of your goal everyday.
5. Speed – Success with goal achievement happens quicker when you use visualization. The reason that most people fail at hitting their goals is they forget what they were working for. You need a strong why and you have to keep that why at the forefront of your mind at all times. When you do so you will hit your goals quicker with less distractions.
The Power Of Visualization In Manifesting Your Success
The mind is a powerful thing. While its calculating properties are in themselves impressive, the true magnificence of the mind lies in the imagination. I often think about things like this. For example, if theories of quantum physics are correct and every possible reality exists simultaneously with our very own, then every possible reality (laws of physics remaining constant) that we can imagine does in fact exist. So do pigs fly? Yes, somewhere on some plane.
Assuming the theories to be correct, then yes. Which also means that there is a version of you out there that is wealthy and successful beyond belief? There is a version of you out there that is extraordinarily happy. Now, imagine if it were only possible to jump between these realities. Imagine that you could go from living in the realm that you are currently living in and hopping over to a better, happier, healthier and more successful life. Now ask yourself why you can’t.
The way reality works remains a mystery. There are more than a handful of theories that explain how the world could work — but without proof there is no
way to determine which of these theories are correct. Nevertheless, Quantum Theory is becoming widely accepted as the correct version — especially after the discovery of the Higgs Boson, a.k.a. The God Particle.
Whatever your belief, one thing that is clear is the power that our imagination holds. Personally, my theory is that each parallel reality is connected to every other reality and that we ourselves decide in large part which reality we are to exist in. The key is to visualize. The skill of visualization has been endorsed by most of the greats as an essential tool for turning your dreams into your reality.
I am sure that many of you have either read “The Secret” or watched the short film. Whether or not visualizing creates a sort of magnetic energy that attracts what you visualize is true, or whether or not my own theory is closer to the mark is of no importance. It would be great to know exactly why it is that visualization is as powerful a tool as it is — but what is more important is understanding that it is of benefit.

I mean, who really needs an explanation of how it works as long as it works, right? Even if only looking at it from a psychological standpoint, it is clear why the process of visualization has as profound an effect as it does.
Visualizing is a powerful tool because it creates for us a reality that is as real as it can be before becoming manifested in physical form. The mind is an extremely powerful machine; it is what creates our understanding of the world outside of us. We receive input from our senses, which in turn affect our psyche by stimulating reactions of different emotions and triggering memories, always drawing links from our past.
The world that we know truly only exists in our minds. The physical world only exists to us as far as we can experience it. This is why visualization is so important. By visualizing, we experience events without them occurring anywhere other than in our minds. If we are able to focus on one single event that we wish for ourselves and we focus on it intensely, we begin to experience the emotions and begin to feel what we would feel if the event were to actually transpire. In a way, we are living that moment without it yet being a reality.
Like I said before, whether or not this somehow draws destiny to better align with your wants is up for debate. However, one thing that is for sure is that being able to visualize an alternate reality clearly gives you a taste of that reality’s actual flavor. If you are able to visualize details, all the way down to the smallest of them, and are able to imagine how it would feel to be living in that moment, you will get a somewhat accurate experience.
This will work to your benefit in two major ways. Firstly, you may come to realize — if you picture the alternate reality in a plausible form—that the life that you thought that you wanted for yourself won’t make you as happy as you first imagined. A realization of such is extremely important; sometimes figuring out what you don’t want is more important than figuring out what you do want. Secondly, if your visualization produces positive emotions then — if the emotions are pleasant and intense enough — you may find yourself becoming obsessed with that possible reality.
If you are true to yourself and visualize the future that is best for you, that future itself will ignite a drive within you that, if fed properly, will continue to burn until that dream is manifested. If you continue to go back to this state of almost trance visualizing your goal and placing yourself in your future shoes, you will begin to want nothing more than to turn that reality into physical reality.
You will have to learn as much information as possible about the details and circumstance of your dream in order to create the best visual approximation and in order to mentally live the experience more fully. But once you create a full version of this reality in your mind, you will be living your dream before you even achieve it.
With this reality being your only focus, you will almost automatically move towards that dream. You will begin living the life you want to live before living the life you want to live. There is no need to wait to reap the benefits of success. Sit down, close your eyes and visualize it. Do this often enough for long enough and one day you will open your eyes and come to realize that you are already living your dream.

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